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Double Vented Patio Umbrellas: What Are They and Why Do I Need One?

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Patio umbrellas are usually fitted with a vent to keep them upright and stable, even in windy conditions. Most patio umbrellas available in the market come with a single wind vent. However, double vented umbrellas provide steadier support, making them less likely to fall over

Vents are designed to allow wind to pass through the umbrella and prevent the umbrella's lofting, keeping it firmly in place. Even though single vented umbrellas offer ample support, double vented umbrellas allow more air to flow through the canopy with less restriction, which allows the umbrella to remain stable even in extremely windy situations.

Double-vented patios are generally more expensive than the single vented variety, usually because they are crafted with higher quality materials and components than the single vented ones. It's important to note that this does not mean that single vented umbrellas are of poor quality. However, it's worth exploring whether double vented umbrellas could be a more suitable option for your garden or patio space. 

Comparison Chart

California Umbrella 11′ market umbrella

PHI VILLA 10′ 3 Tier Auto-tilt Patio Umbrella

Simply Shade 9′ Patio Market Umbrella

Klismos 10 ft Patio Umbrella

Tangkula 10ft 3-Tier Patio Umbrella

EliteShade Sunbrella 9ft 3-Tier Patio Umbrella


There are several high quality double vented patio umbrellas that are designed to work well with your space. We're going to take a look at a selection of the best on the market today. 

1. California 11' Double Wind Vent Market Umbrella

The California umbrella 11'  is larger than most on the market. This can make it suitable not only for large families, but also commercial events. The umbrella is available in several color selections and is constructed from Pacifica fabric. This is a high-quality. solution-dyed polyester material that comes with a four year warranty. So you can be relatively confident in the longevity of this particular option. It's available in several great options of solid colors and patterns. 

The ribs and frame of this umbrella are made of high-quality aluminum, which means it doesn't rust and is quite firm. The umbrella is available with several pole finishes and colors. The pole hues are produced using powder coats that help to prevent rust.

One of the key features of this umbrella is a slick tilt function that allows you to adjust the angle of the umbrella without reaching to the top of the umbrella shaft. You simply turn a dial at the top of the crank, and you can tilt the umbrella as much as you wish.

However,  it's worth noting that you also have to make sure the umbrella is completely straight before you close it; otherwise, you can damage the internal components.

Basic features

  • Eight aluminum ribs
  • A collar tilt function
  • Pacifica solution-dyed polyester fabric
  • Aluminum umbrella shaft
  • double wind vent technology


  • Height - 101''
  • Weight - 19 pounds
  • Width - 108''
  • Brim height - 80.5''


  • High quality canopy fabric
  • Rust resistant powder coating
  • User-friendly tilt function


  • May be too large for balconies
  • Can be quite pricey

2. PHI VILLA 10' 3 Tier Auto-tilt Patio Umbrella

The PHI VILLA is elegantly crafted to bring some more life to your patio. The dual wind vents provide more safety and stability to keep you comfortable under the canopy during hot summer afternoons. 

The umbrella is supported by a powder-coated aluminum 1.5'' pole, and constructed using eight rustproof steel ribs to offer more durability. The canopy is designed with a high quality 100% fade resistant polyester fabric that is both breathable and waterproof. Remarkably, the fabric provides 99% UV protection. The choice of material also means it is fairly easy to clean. 

The PHI VILLA features an auto-tilt mechanism that allows you to adjust the shading angle easily, providing you with maximum protection from the wind and sun at all times of the day. The crank opening method makes for simple and safe adjustments that are within your control at all times. 

As for color options, this model is currently available in Orange-red, beige, and navy. While this is designed to be a sturdy, reliable product it's important to also note that it doesn't come packaged with a base. 

Basic features

  • Eight aluminum ribs
  • Crank and auto-tilt opening
  • 180g polyester fabric
  • Aluminum shaft
  • double wind vent technology


  • Height - 97.2"
  • Weight - 17.96 pounds
  • Width - 120''


  • UV and fade resistant fabric
  • Auto-tilt function
  • Rust proof steel ribs


  • Not packaged with base. 
  • No tie to keep umbrella closed

3. Simply Shade 9' Patio Market Umbrella

The Simply Shade umbrella is built with high quality aluminum material. The painted surface of the pole and ribs provides rust proofing and enhances its durability. The umbrella offers you maximum protection from sunlight and provides great shelter during rainy days. 

The elegant design features double vents for enhanced air circulation, and helps to keep the umbrella firm even when unexpected gusts arise, and in general windy conditions. It includes a crank lift handle that makes it easy to close and open the canopy frame. The canopy material itself is made from UV protected polyester fabric for improved durability. While the design is attractive, the range is slightly let down by the fact that it is only available in a single color: blue. 

The Simply Shade umbrella pole has a 1.5'' diameter, making it compatible with most patio tables and umbrella bases. It also comes with fasteners fitted underneath the canopy to provide you with an option to hang outdoor umbrella string lights while maintaining an attractive integrated appearance.

The frame of the umbrella comes with a 1-year limited warranty, however it's worth noting that the canopy is not supplied with a guarantee. 

Basic features

  • Aluminum ribs
  • Crank opening
  • Auto tilt function
  • double wind vent technology


  • Height - 99"
  • Weight - 15.21 pounds
  • Width - 103.2''


  • Simple crank opening mechanism
  • Rust resistant pole coating
  • Fits most tables and bases


  • Limited color options
  • Warranty on frame only

4. Klismos 3-tier Patio Umbrella

The Klimos 3-tier umbrella is a sleek, attractive addition to any patio or garden set up. The positioning of its vents are designed to allow unrestricted airflow to keep you cool during the summer months, and prevents displacement during gusty conditions.

The construction of this umbrella takes the form of 8 aluminum ribs, and is supported by an 8.6ft aluminum pole. These metallic aspects are all protected by a powder coating to ensure resistance to rust; making it suitable for both humid climates and rainy seasons. 

This umbrella's canopy is created from waterproof sunbrella fabric. The premium polyester material also features anti-UV coating, preventing unsightly fading that can result from long-term exposure to sunlight. It also comes in an impressive range of colors — navy blue, coffee, blue, green, red, khaki, and white — which means that there is bound to be an option available to fit most outdoor space aesthetic approaches. 

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this particular model is its lighting system. 40 led lights are dispersed along the umbrella's ribs, allowing your garden cook-outs and events to continue long into the night. These lights are also conveniently solar powered, gathering a charge during the daytime that keeps your lights shining for up to 8 hours.   

Basic features

  • Aluminum ribs and pole
  • Crank for opening and tilt functions
  • fade-resistant canopy
  • double wind vent technology


  • Height - 99"
  • Weight - 15.21 pounds
  • Width - 103.2''


  • LED lighting system
  • Crank opening and tilt
  • UV-resistant canopy


  • Base not included

5. Tangkula 10ft 3-Tier Patio Umbrella​

The Tangkula 3-tier patio umbrella is well designed to withstand both harsh wind conditions and the general wear of an active family. Its ribs and pole are constructed from heavy duty aluminum, yet is lightweight enough to be relocated to suit the occasion. As with many examples on the market, the metal components are protected by a rust resistant coating. 

In terms of wind resistance, its triple-tiered, dual vent construction allow the flow of hot and cold air. It also comes packaged with an auto tilt function that facilitates the natural shift of the umbrella's angle to suit provide a safer response to gusts. However, owners do have some element of control over this; there is a tilt push button on the pole to manually adjust the angle, and provide the best shelter from the sun. 

The canopy is available in a soft and warm shades — orange, burgundy, tan, and beige. This means that it'd be most aesthetically complimentary for those families who have chosen to decorate their surroundings with objects in greens or terra cotta.  It is constructed from premium polyester, and is both water and UV resistant. 

While this model doesn't come packaged with a base, its 1 1/2" diameter shaft means that it will fit into most home and commercial tables and stands. 

Basic features

  • Heavy duty aluminum ribs and pole
  • Crank for opening
  • UV and water resistant canopy
  • double wind vent technology


  • Height - 96"
  • Weight - 14 pounds
  • Width - 120''


  • Heavy duty aluminum 
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Crank opening 


  • Limited color range
  • Base not included

6. EliteShade Sunbrella 9ft 3 Tier

The EliteShade Sunbrella is one of the few entries on the market that features 3 tiers that allow the flow of cold and hot air, which makes it not only stable but cooler underneath. The outdoor umbrella is both sturdy and durable. It also provides ideal shade from the sunlight in those hot afternoons. The stylish umbrella has a beautiful design and finishes to complement your patio and give it a touch of your personality.

This double vented umbrella is constructed with solid aluminum structure of 8 ribs and a 1.5'' diameter pole. The framework is protected by powder coating, meaning that it has excellent resistance to rust. To enhance ease of use, the crank also allows for easy opening, while a push button enables tilting of the umbrella. This product will provide ample shade at any time of the day.

The key feature of this particular double vented umbrella is canopy material. It uses Sunbrella performance fabric, which is 100% solution-dyed acrylic. This means that it is waterproof, mildew resistant, and designed not to fade for at least 5 years. As a result it requires minimal cleaning and maintenence. It's also worth noting that Sunbrella fabrics have the Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation, for use as part of a regimen of protection against sun-induced skin damage.

On top of all that, the umbrella comes in a variety of colors — antique beige, heather beige, burgundy, forest green, royal blue, and macaw. Coupled with its attractive design, its multifunctional nature means this outdoor umbrella can be used in the garden, balcony, patio, or even the deck. 

Basic features

  • Powder coated aluminum ribs and pole
  • Crank for opening, push button for tilt
  • Sunbrella performance fabric
  • 3-tier design


  • Height - 99.6"
  • Weight - 17 pounds
  • Width - 108''


  • Water and mildew resistant
  • Canopy material recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Tiers allow warm and cool air flow


  • Tilt by push button rather than crank
  • Base not included


Question 1: What is a double vented patio umbrella? 

Most standard patio umbrellas feature a singe vent toward the top of the canopy. Double vented umbrellas have vents positioned at both the top and the middle. In some cases manufacturers will include this as part of a 3-tiered canopy design. 

Question 2: Why are double vented patio umbrellas safer?

Vents in patio umbrellas provide better stability in windy conditions. The gaps in the canopy provide spaces for wind to travel through without resistance, meaning that there is less chance of gusts catching hold of the umbrella and either tipping it over or carrying it away. Double vented umbrellas provide more spaces for wind to travel through, improving the overall stability, making them one of the best types to use in wind.   

Question 3: Do double vented patio umbrellas help keep you cool?

While any patio umbrella will cast shade, double vented umbrellas are designed to improve airflow. With regular umbrellas, heat will rise and become trapped under the canopy. Double vented designs provide spaces for both the rising hot air to escape, and passages for new cool air to flow through to replace it. 

Question 4: Are double vented patio umbrellas waterproof?

In the majority of circumstances, they are waterproof. They are designed to be suitable for most conditions, and many of the canopy fabric choices are treated to protect against moisture, mildew, and fading from UV exposure. Most manufacturers also use a powder coating to ensure the metal structure — the ribs and the pole — are also resistant to rust caused by water.  

Question 5: Are double vented patio umbrellas heavy?

The weight of double vented patio umbrellas can vary; the larger the canopy, the heavier it is likely to be. The umbrellas that we've reviewed tend to average out at about 16 pounds. This can also present a hazard in windy conditions, so it's important that you also invest in a weighted base to help keep it grounded.  


A double vented patio umbrella is an investment in your family's comfort and safety. All the products we've reviewed here include the basics that result in stability, but most go further to offer options that give aesthetically pleasing effects or longevity. Our favorite is the Tangkula 10ft 3-Tier Patio Umbrella, which alongside its anti-UV and waterproof canopy, also includes an auto-tilt function that adjusts according to the wind conditions, providing that added element of safety. 

In the end, though, it really is dependent on your own needs. Take a look at the examples we've laid out, and consider the various factors, including your budget, and pick out a double vented umbrella that works for your unique outdoor space!